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Water Damage Prevention Solution

NEW 4S Controller Featured at CMPX


View our recent webinar discussing Water Leak Damage Prevention, the insurance industry position and the solution.


NOWA 360

Nowa 360 and the recently released 4S detects and controls leaks with:

  • Slimmest Water Detecting Sensing technology
  • Nowa Master unit centralizes home or commercial buildings smart functions
  • Water valve ready to shut off the water safely.

Further mitigate water damage by  integrating to existing building automation systems to:

  • Shutoff valves in surrounding areas such as risers and suites
  • Shutoff main water equipment such as supply water pumps
  • Move Elevators away from flooded areas.
Nowa Panel 4S-EN-RGB-Open Position


Your best defence when every
second counts.
Washer, water heater, dishwasher—you can install a wireless Nowa detector wherever there’s a risk. At the first sign of a leak, the detector alerts the master unit



Nowa stops leaks instantly, automatically.
Your Nowa control unit triggers an electric valve that shuts off the water main in a fraction of a second. The leak is stopped just like that—wherever it originated.

Integration to existing building systems to further mitigate water damage.




You’re notified, not alarmed.
You get a message or email to inform you that your main water valve has been safely shut off. At worst? A little puddle to mop up. Life goes on. No panic. No hassles.


Slim Water Detectors


Water Valves Shut off


Perimeter Detector Cable extend detection areas

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